The Man

Ian Bredemeyer : The jawline of a superhero, the body of a greek god, the intelligence of Dr Manhattan, wrapped in the charm of Bond, James Bond

From his earliest days as an intellectual prodigy to his philanthropic work, Mr Bredemeyer has been revered throughout the academic, elite social and dark undercover worlds of international espionage as a sophisticated and exceptional man.

Known for his ability to attract women and kickboxing expertise, he has gained a cult following among the highly educated and social elite. This has continued to be the primary reason for the worlds media constantly focusing on this exceptional man.

With many details still covered by the Federal Secrecy act, this website attempts to give the reader an insight into how this great man lives his life, day to day, while continuing to undertake the huge responsibilities for a multi-national company and top-secret missions.

Mr Bredemeyer has featured in many magazines and has been the subject of many multi-part documentary series over the last few years. Links to the articles and series will be added as the site is updated.